One of the key principles of our activity are quality and reliability of the service provided which brings satisfaction and content to both our Patients and ourselves.

Our aim is to provide with highly specialized and complex dental service both individual and institutional patients.

We make efforts so that our company meets your expectations fully, or even exceeds them.

Telephone registration
tel.:       0 58 341 92 96
tel/fax:  0 58 341 85 04
Opening hours
Monday - Friday : 10 - 18

Al. Zwycięstwa 43
Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz, Poland

In order to achieve this we employ only the best trained staff, we use materials and equipment of the highest quality only, and we also try to make the atmosphere of every visit pleasant.

Comprehensive dental service for:

- kids,
- teenagers,
- adults,
- elderly people.

We specialize in:

treatment of seriously infected teeth with pathological bone lesions which would be marked down for extraction on many other dentist's surgeries.


Preventive dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry
Channel drying
Teeth whitening